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Jun 20, 2024: Is Rachel Reeves a poor communicator constrained by Labour’s Tory-lite, don’t frighten the horses messaging, or is there something more fundamentally …

Jun 4, 2024: Big fire in Canning Town this morning

May 29, 2024: The election campaign really shows up the dire state of British political journalism.

May 22, 2024: Paula Vennells sure was paid an awful lot of money for not having a clue what was going on during her tenure as CEO of the Post Office. Paula …

May 19, 2024: In 10 years time who will deliver the lattes once AI has made human labour obsolete?

May 18, 2024: I love economists. Always so cute in their naïve, incelish smugness, and always so reliably wrong.

May 17, 2024: You’d think that if the UK government really wanted to “stop the boats”, they’d stop the City laundering the proceeds of the ticket sales.

May 12, 2024: It’s almost as if everything that politicians back is a bad idea. This is your cognitive elite in action. Also, and incidentally, does anyone …

May 11, 2024: A glitch in the Matrix

May 9, 2024: Have I got this straight? A lawyer who is defending Trump for the money is using an attack line of accusing a porn actress of doing it for the money.

May 4, 2024: Here’s where we’re at in Britain. The Tories are high on their own supply, but they don’t know how fucked-up they are because their …

May 4, 2024: TIL that “May the 4th” for English speakers doesn’t generally refer to the 五四运动, but some sort of lame Star Wars joke. I feel …

May 4, 2024: Great day for London. Nasty, divisive culture-wars politics comprehensively rejected. And the swifts are back.

May 3, 2024: Rentier Capitalism by Brett Christophers: an unputdownable read

May 1, 2024: Bubble tea in Stratford

Apr 30, 2024: My hometown: dancing under the overpass

Apr 29, 2024: Drift down to the beach

Apr 28, 2024: A community event in Custom House (from some years ago)

Apr 27, 2024: Surprise to see this coot here on the pavement at Poplar Marina

Apr 27, 2024: There’s a colony of wagtails at Westfield in Stratford. They’ve bounced back since the pandemic.

Apr 26, 2024: Critters

Apr 25, 2024: Down to the spine

Apr 24, 2024: Park light at Canary Wharf

Apr 23, 2024: Dreamy dusk at the Docks

Apr 22, 2024: Blue flag, blue sky

Apr 21, 2024: Mountain sunrise

Apr 20, 2024: Ice coffee and other things

Apr 19, 2024: Birthday favour

Apr 19, 2024: East London transport trifecta on the way home this evening. Trains cancelled because of trespassers on the tracks. When a train finally got through …

Apr 18, 2024: Moody skies over North Greenwich

Apr 17, 2024: The transcendence of the rider - no time to park your Lime bike in the Rapture

Apr 16, 2024: Flâneur or psychogeographer of the liminal space of the submerged memory-city? (h/t Tom Gauld)

Apr 15, 2024: Small to large offices to let

Apr 14, 2024: Prickly pear cactus in the Botanic Garden in Copenhagen

Apr 13, 2024: Late capitalism - it didn’t take a nuclear war

Apr 13, 2024: A page from the calendar

Apr 12, 2024: Of all the second languages Tower Hamlets Council would include in notices, German is most unexpected: only 2.1% of its population was born in …

Apr 12, 2024: The magic went away

Apr 11, 2024: Morning sky over Hackney Central station

Apr 10, 2024: No train on the tracks

Apr 9, 2024: Crispy bagged salad

Apr 8, 2024: Fire prevention

Apr 7, 2024: In the well-being corner of Canary Wharf, the over-monied can pay to be locked in a freezer

Apr 6, 2024: East End sakura This tree is in Vallance Road Gardens, Whitechapel, in London’s East End. The last V2 to strike London during WW2 hit on the …

Apr 6, 2024: Pigeons enjoy a characteristic East End meal

Apr 6, 2024: Windy afternoon for the coots on Telehouse Pond

Apr 5, 2024: Ageism. It’s the last acceptable prejudice, isn’t it? The prejudice you can have and still be woke.

Apr 5, 2024: Do you see the moorhen, serene on her nest, amongst all the trash?

Apr 4, 2024: The beginnings of foliage

Apr 3, 2024: Chicken bucket

Apr 3, 2024: Forgotten card

Apr 2, 2024: Spring flowers at the Trinity Community Centre in Canning Town

Apr 1, 2024: Toy duck at Cody Dock

Mar 30, 2024: Say AGI isn’t hype to dazzle customers and bamboozle regulators, but something the AI bros believe in and are working towards. They are spending …

Mar 21, 2024: Interesting Owen Jones piece in the Guardian today. Worth a look. The line-up of British politics right now is …

Mar 14, 2024: Apologies for the inconvenience

Feb 14, 2024: What does Altman mean by “very subtle societal misalignments”? Valley gibberish, or does he have something in mind? …

Feb 10, 2024: Heterodox macroeconomist and campaigner Richard Murphy has produced a Taxing Wealth 2024 report to show how wealth can be taxed fairly in comparison …

Feb 10, 2024: UK prime minister Rishi Sunak paid around 23% tax on £2.2M income because most of his income is capital gains and dividends. Investment income enjoys …

Feb 5, 2024: So far this year - as of 4 February 2024 - on my daily walks, and every single day since 1 January, at least one car has run red lights on a …

Feb 1, 2024: Wryly amused at our blundering elite who spent the last 45 years doing more damage to our productive industrial infrastructure than Hitler lecture us …

Jan 31, 2024: Well, well, well. The other shoe drops. Activist who led ouster of Harvard president linked to ‘scientific racism’ journal

Jan 31, 2024: The UK political class has used WhatsApp to avoid democratic scrutiny. They weren’t bamboozled by the tech or confounded by advice from their private …

Jan 21, 2024: Funny how aging TINA neoliberals accuse the kids of being intolerant of diverse opinions

Jan 19, 2024: An occasional series of East London chicken shops. Peck! Peck! by Sutton and Sons, Graham Road, Hackney, London E8. Sutton and Sons is a chain of …

Jan 18, 2024: It seems to me British politics reached its nadir some time ago. And now, various Tory wannabees are wrestling in the muddy slops below the bottom of …