A community event in Custom House (from some years ago)

A red poster advertising a community event fixed to a dilapidated metal fence, behind which is dessicated overgrown grass and weeds.

Surprise to see this coot here on the pavement at Poplar Marina

A coots sits on the pavement beside a pigeon who is eating seeds, there's a metal fence in the background, and the water of a marina

There’s a colony of wagtails at Westfield in Stratford. They’ve bounced back since the pandemic.

A wagtail against a background of paving stones An annotated illustration of a wagtail colony, their roots and their poop, on the decorative bronze frontage of a shopping complex


A group of friendly cows blocking the road

Down to the spine

The bones of a fish on a plate with chilli and lime

Park light at Canary Wharf

A smartly dressed man walks down the path in a park. The trees are lit with fairylights, the park benches glow green.

Dreamy dusk at the Docks

Dusk at the Royal Docks in East London, light fading from blue to yellow at the horizon, and buildings reflected in the water

Blue flag, blue sky

An Australian flag flutters against the blue sky above Canberra's Parliament House

Mountain sunrise

A pyramidal mountain is illuminated by the sunrise, with its flanks in darkness. Electrical cables in the foreground.

Ice coffee and other things

A sign for a coffee shop, a theatening fence, a bus stop, and trees

Birthday favour

A cupcake with the initial M on top of a menu, surrounded by wine glasses, offered as a birthday favour

East London transport trifecta on the way home this evening. Trains cancelled because of trespassers on the tracks. When a train finally got through we managed one stop before someone pulled the emergency egress lever. Then a brawl broke out in the carriage…

Moody skies over North Greenwich

Louring grey clouds with hazy yellow light breaking through over the Greenwich Peninsula and the O2

The transcendence of the rider - no time to park your Lime bike in the Rapture

Bright green Lime e-bikes parked haphazardly or scattered on the pavement

Flâneur or psychogeographer of the liminal space of the submerged memory-city? (h/t Tom Gauld)

A classically-coloured London pigeon watches over a partially eaten donut against the backdrop of a tarmac pavement showing significant technical debt

Small to large offices to let

A dated poster advertising office space to let on a boarded-up 80s vintage redbrick building

Prickly pear cactus in the Botanic Garden in Copenhagen

Prickly pear cactus with yellow blossom against grey rock

Late capitalism - it didn’t take a nuclear war

A woman in blue fatigues drinks Nuka-Cola to advertise Fallout merch on Amazon

A page from the calendar

A calendar page is taped to the glass of an office partition with a pile of office equipment in front

Of all the second languages Tower Hamlets Council would include in notices, German is most unexpected: only 2.1% of its population was born in Germany.

A black dumpster with a multilingual notice in English and German, and a Free Palestine sticker