When a poor person slips on the ice, does anyone who matters hear them fall?

    Ungritted pavements in Custom House

    An icy pavement in Custom House, East London

    Ungritted streets in Canning Town

    icy streets in Canning Town, East London

    Imagine being so cynical and cruel that you choose a performative immigration and asylum policy over an effective one.

    Temporary if poorly fitted and not working eInk display on the Elizabeth Line

    I’ve run this timeline over and again and the only place neoliberal “meritocracy” ever ends up is fascism.

    Apparently “Singapore on Thames” is gone, and Britain will “become the next Silicon Valley” via regulatory independence. Around 78% of Singapore’s citizens live in social housing. Silicon Valley has a housing crisis. In this sense, the Tory line is more accurate.

    It’s interesting that the Tories say of Brexit that we “voted to change our trading relationship with the EU”. This is of course a consequence of Brexit, but I don’t think that that is what anyone voted for.

    New micro post on the MarsEdit 5 beta.

    I like the “throwing it out there” aspect. Like others, I think a character count would be nice. Call me old-fashioned, but if I right-click on the Dock icon I only get “New Post”. I’d like “New Micro Post” too.

    Couldn’t get a micro.blog window to show up on the app until I delete the cache. Odd.

    Anyway, seem to have too many Mastodon accounts. Maybe micro.blog only is the way?

    Enjoying The Peripheral on Amazon Prime Video. One thing puzzles me, though. Why are the inhabitants of future London so theatrical, given there is, like, nobody left? Does future London represent the triumph of the Ted Talkers?

    Theory: the people elect politicians to regulate the markets

    Practice: the markets pay off politicians to screw over the people

    There’s a distinction between riches and the return to riches. Redistribution isn’t taking from the rich and giving to the poor, it’s lowering the return to riches. Austerity is the opposite: it precisely intends to increase the benefits of being rich.

    With only weeks to Christmas, the value destruction leaderboard looks like this:

      1. Elon Must
      1. Liz Truss
      1. Vladimir Putin

    Will nation states destroy the most value? The billionaire class is valiantly fighting back. As we enter the festive season, there’s everything to lose!


    The cowardly state beholden to “the markets” is back.

    Don’t people like Elon Musk cause real problems for meritocracy’s true believers?

    Leafing through dismal opinion polls this morning, three words characterise Tory supporters: ignorant, complacent, unpleasant.

    “Smart Home” technology would be a lot better if it actually worked.

    All they have got, the TINA neoliberals, the handmaidens to the rentier class, is racist dogwhistles. That’s it. Nothing else.

    Currently reading: How the World Really Works by Vaclav Smil 📚: Man likes chicken.

    Not really needing my vegan burgers to have added artificial blood.

    Lagrange is a nice Gemini browser, with an opinionated UI. Amfora is a good looking Gemini client for the terminal.

    I stumbled across Project Gemini, a lightweight internet protocol pitched somewhere between Gopher and HTTP, with a Markdown-lite document format.