Morning sky over Hackney Central station

Blue sky with wispy clouds and fading vapour trails above the modern Graham Road entrance to Hackney Central Station, the station name in the bold orange of the Overground

No train on the tracks

Traintracks past a Victorian railway building in hazy morning light

Crispy bagged salad

Colourful bags of salad haphazardly on the supermarket shelves

Fire prevention

The green illuminated LCD display of a fire alarm panel shows a fault

In the well-being corner of Canary Wharf, the over-monied can pay to be locked in a freezer

Shop front advertising hyperbaric and cryo therapy

East End sakura

This tree is in Vallance Road Gardens, Whitechapel, in London’s East End. The last V2 to strike London during WW2 hit on the north side of this park, destroying a social housing block there, killing 132.

A cherry tree in full blossom in a small park in London's East End

Pigeons enjoy a characteristic East End meal

Urban pigeons on a drain cover in a park eat discarded naan bread and curry - one bird flies into the shot

Windy afternoon for the coots on Telehouse Pond

A pond in the city, windblown reeds and a fountain plume bent over by the wind. Two coots swim towards distant buildings

Ageism. It’s the last acceptable prejudice, isn’t it? The prejudice you can have and still be woke.

Do you see the moorhen, serene on her nest, amongst all the trash?

A moorhen is nestled into the reeds on her nest on an artificial island made of black tubes and wire mesh, surrounded by trash

The beginnings of foliage

Signs of a leaf as spring returns to a tree in Hackney in front of a Victorian redbrick building

Chicken bucket

Two speckled hens foraging in a green garden bucket in a coop on the banks of the river Lea against a backdrop of cloudy blue sky and a construction site

Forgotten card

A solitary, forgotten Christmas card on a Christmas-red noticeboard stuck with pins

Spring flowers at the Trinity Community Centre in Canning Town

Colourful flowers behind a black iron fence in front of a bunker-like community centre on a sunny morning

Toy duck at Cody Dock

A yellow toy bathtub duck sits on a pre-war red-painted cast-iron crane at Cody Dock

Say AGI isn’t hype to dazzle customers and bamboozle regulators, but something the AI bros believe in and are working towards. They are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to create the enslaved digital entities they plan rent out to do the world’s bullshit jobs. They could invest the money in real jobs to tackle the climate crisis. The problem here is that real workers expect to get paid.

Interesting Owen Jones piece in the Guardian today. Worth a look.

The line-up of British politics right now is right-nationalist/cod-right-nationalist/right-libertarian (Reform/Conservative Party), and conservative/centre-right (Labour).

The Tories’ chance of winning is infinitesimally small. What matters now is whether anyone who wants to redistribute wealth and power is denied a voice in Starmer’s administration […] When inevitable disillusionment with a government rooted in deceit and lacking any solutions to Britain’s woes seeps in, it will be the radical right that stands to benefit.

Apologies for the inconvenience

A fallen notice reads “apologies for the inconvenience”

What does Altman mean by “very subtle societal misalignments”? Valley gibberish, or does he have something in mind?…

Heterodox macroeconomist and campaigner Richard Murphy has produced a Taxing Wealth 2024 report to show how wealth can be taxed fairly in comparison to wages. His worked example restating Rishi Sunak’s tax bill is bang on.

Rishi Sunak’s tax for 2022/23: a Taxing Wealth Report 2024 case study:

The additional tax owing would be £761,378. This is a tax rate of 57% […] The resulting tax liability is fair. What Rishi Sunak paid in 2022/23 was not and was instead an insult to all people who worked for a living and paid much higher rates of tax than the prime minister.