A tugboat pulls a large float advertising pesto (of all things) past the O2.

A float advertising pesto is being pulled up the Thames by a tugboat past the O2 dome on the Greenwich Peninsula as the sun sets.

Tories to ban themselves under new extremism proposals.

Revealed: plan to brand anyone ‘undermining’ UK as extremist

Britain’s elite institutions appear to be spectacularly incapable of producing a governing class able to run a modern country. Perhaps this explains the dominant reactionary thread that is woven through an establishment that aspires to rule the past.

Okta, the new way to spell disingenuous cowboys. Joking apart - whole governments trust identities to these muppets.

Working from home? Here’s a tip. Get yourself a cuckoo clock. Muji sell nice modern-style ones.

The Covid Inquiry so far - journalism and Oxbridge need a long period of sober reflection.

I was at a good Newham community event today on their People Powered Places strand. It got me thinking about transformative people. I had a (sad, ageing GenXer behind the curve) epiphany: I’ve been privileged to know some transformative people, and 9 out of 10 - I say again: 9 out of 10 - are women.

Bluesky asked me for my date of birth, but will only let me enter a date that is 1,000 years older than I admit to being.

The Economy

Over the years in the UK, “the economy” has become the central obsession of politicians. Not education or healthcare, not aspiration or a better life for “hardworking families”. So important is “the Economy” that politicians work tirelessly to cede all control of it: to multinational corporations and other assorted rentiers, Ciry spivs, and, of course, technocrats. The same people more or less who over the last 40 years drove “the Economy” into the ground.

These politicians and their highbrow friends in academia and the media then puzzle about widespread disengagement with politics and the rise of populism

The BA app for iPad is excruciatingly useless. All it presents is a screen to book a flight. No other options. If I enter a destination to book, nothing happens. Great work, British Airways!

Britain’s housing crisis needs radical action not Labour’s technocratic small beer.

Labour would oversee ‘biggest boost in affordable housing in a generation’

Having impoverished the country and precipitated a housing crisis, the Tories can’t kick off a culture war between homeowners and renters because no one can afford either. Instead in bargain basement Britain we get a government-sponsored culture war between car drivers and the rest of us.

My tip to people trafficking entrepreneurs struggling with burdensome government regulation: make a lot of noise about using AI and don’t forget the generous donations to the Tory party.

I’m doing the Hackney Legal Walk on Saturday to raise money for Citizens Advice. Their advice helps people assert their rights, leading to over £2M income gained by residents of East London in July and August alone.


More proof should you need it that the Tories think you are stupid.

Rishi Sunak considering inheritance tax cut, report says

Hello younger voters👋. You’ve heard that politics doesn’t offer you anything because you don’t vote. That’s only half the story. Politicians didn’t pay attention to deplorables or Brexiters until they voted the wrong way. You don’t need go fuck-barking, but do put the shits up the politicians.

What is remarkable about this is not that almost 80% of the electorate don’t trust Sunak on the environment, but that 20% of them are so terminally gullible and stupid that it’s a wonder they’ve lived to reach voting age.

Only 22% of Britons trust Sunak on climate, finds Guardian poll

Have we got to the stage yet where the parasites shuck off their Tory and begin to seek out a Labour host?

Sunak would not have given his climate speech if the Tories didn’t think us fools.

Rishi Sunak announces U-turn on key green targets

Tories vs ruinous Brexit: “Get it done!”

Tories vs existential climate crisis: “Let’s just slow things down for a culture wars poll bounce”. Not before shuttling over to the US to ensure UK banks get IRA bonanza dibs.

Sunak planning to drop net zero policies in pre-election challenge to Labour