Food courts disconnected from the encumbering shopping mall are an increasingly popular destination in East London. Here’s the Cargo Market Hall in Canary Wharf. Notice the very English door-blocking yellow cone - but sadly for completists, no plastic fencing this evening.

A couple leave the Cargo Market Hall food court in Canary Wharf on a wet spring evening

A pigeon under the pedestrian ramp at Homerton Station grabs the chance of a bit of morning sun.

A pigeon in a patch of morning sunlight

I get it’s disappointing that few high-follower-count folks have left Musk’s horror-platform. Heck, I’m disappointed, too. But let’s not forget Facebook orchestrated the Rohingya genocide and folks stayed there too.

Lots of interesting insects at Praia a Mare last summer. Me being me I was mainly taking pictures of the famous local pigeons. But here’s a large black bee collecting nectar from lantana flowers on the corner of Gramsci Road.

A black bee on a flower

A couple of key right wing terms:

Declinism: the opinion that a bonfire of regulations and tax cuts for the rich is not an industrial strategy.

(Plan for) growth: the belief that industrial strategy consists of deregulation and cutting taxes for the rich.

Every right wing talking head: “Rant, rant, woke this, woke that, rant bathrooms, woke deep state. Why are the left wing establishment declinist wokerati arguing about woke and not delivering our ‘plan for growth’?”

If you are over 50, the writing on the labels of food packaging is too tiny.

A close up of the label on a carton of Tesco's organic tomato slurry

What an odd hill Mark Rowley has chosen to die on. Chopping logic over “systemic” vs “institutional” prejudice is way more political than the term “institutional” itself.

Casey report: Met chief accepts review diagnosis, but will not use term ‘institutional’

I’m looking for a houseplant. Nice display in M&S at Crossrail Place - but they’d sold out of the plants I’d had my eye on. I’m passing through Stratford tomorrow on my way home, so may take a look in the shops there.

A display of houseplants in the Marks and Spencers at Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London

The area south of A13 between Silvertown Way and Freemasons Road was called Cherry Island. Here is our sakura analog.

Cherry blossom in Canning Town

Pigeons on the quasi-portico of Canary Wharf Underground Station

A view of the entrance to Canary Wharf underground station - with pigeons

I got up late so my early walk to Canary Wharf this morning was a dash to the Custom House Elizabeth Line station.

Passing through the Custom House portal to Canary Wharf lives up to its sci-fi name. Two Londons couldn’t be more divided if they were in parallel universes

Manor Road between Canning Town and West Ham, with its temporary pedestrian crossing chicanes, narrow, uneven footpaths, and poor drainage is the pedestrian’s nemesis.

Traffic at a temporary pedestrian crossing near West Ham station

“Nat has herpes” is scrawled all over East London. Should I feel sorry for Nat, or does this have another meaning?

You have got to wonder about the folks who take their dogs to shit outside the school gates.

In sum, seems like a budget to keep self-interested Tories onside. I guess it presages a ratcheting up of culture war cobblers to gin up Tory supporters who vote against their own interests.

Hmm. Seems like the Tories have given back around 2/3 of the recent corporation tax hike in tax reliefs. Corporations already don’t know what to do productively with the money. Share buybacks FTW!

Imagine if the Tories had given wealthy savers the same pension tax breaks, but required the money be invested in net zero and social housing.

You need a lot of patience to drive down Morning Lane in the, uh, morning. I walk - and there isn’t much patience on show.

Traffic queued on Morning lane in Hackney in the morning.